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	   Mark Troup is a design advocate based in Chicago. A visual communications specialist in the field
of art direction, branding/identity, graphic design, and illustration. He grew up in New York and migrated to
Chicago before the start of the new millennium. He graduated with honors with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from
Columbia College Chicago in 2005 and acquired his first major client Belgard / Northfield Block Company six
months before graduation. He worked consistently for them since 2004. In addition Mark has developed the
identities, brand equity and designed promotional campaigns for other clients since.

	Mark's beliefs in the field of art direction and design are that there are no perfect solutions to
our challenges, but rather a progression that involves ideas towards a solution for that given moment and
an understanding for what will develop in the future. The culmination of everything that exists and the
motion of time develops new combinations and the looks of new designs from what we already know. That design
may be unique in it's process, but that design was based on previous knowledge of earlier applications. The
design process engaged by Mark exudes the belief that the role of the designer is to purposefully acknowledge
the elements and processes behind each production of creativity and constantly develop one's own knowledge
and strengths to redesign each production with new found purpose and perspective. is a showcase of the previous to present projects engaging the multidisciplinary environments
and application skill sets acquired by him. The projects include but not limited to designing in the fields
as an art director, graphic designer and illustrator. The site exemplifies the continuing process that
design unfolds as a constant movement of creative flow that never ebbs, but rather excites and ignites growth
and is forever changing and living towards the future. Design in our lives is never completed, perfected or
fixed in a constant state, but rather fluid and always being reshaped. This is the quintessential force of
design, to better the look and shape of all visual elements in our lives in this constant evolving universe.

Mark Troup is currently consulting as a visual communications specialist on a freelance basis.
Areas of Expertise: Branding & Visual identity | Graphic design | Art Direction | Illustration
Mark Troup's Resume: (mtroup_resume.pdf, 110kb)