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  Sod Off Identity Package
	   My client Northfield Block was planning some promotional materials and was including one of their vendors
in the materials to engage the audience to use this particular company Sod Off to do the landscape development work.
My clients was worried that the Sod Off logo/brand identity was too out dated, a bit rough too for a higher end cliental.
The printed pieces would be viewed by customers looking for quality and luxury in their new home outdoor surroundings.
They asked me if I could design a new identity that would fit the profile and further the company's success to grow
in a more sophisticated category. I gladly took on the job and really gave them something that would be pleasant to
gaze upon, not to mention they asked for the files later to even put them on their trucks and vans. Well a job
certainly well done. Just for kicks I'll show you the original as the first image below. You can see it was an
obvious conclusion to use the name and background of the logo to simply orchestrate the same meaning: Sod or no sod
meaning off as in paver materials.
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